About Us

MD International factory

MD is a leading company in the MENA region as it was established in 1987. Our company is specialized in production of masterbatch and filler compound

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our Client with the best quality masterbatch and better color concentration to produce live vibrant colors that resembles reality

Our Vision

We will change the way you think about plastic through our quality, service and price, giving you an experience that will make your business glowing

CEO Message

Welcome to MD international This website is designed to provide an overall and in-depth review of our Company, reflecting the pride we, as MD international employees across the globe, have in our continuing growth and current success. It conveys our sense of mission and vision - to become the preferred world leader in plastic field. Through our website, you will discover our commitment to the global communities in which we operate; our work to protect and sustain the environment in which we all share; our pioneering technology and innovation to build a better future; the high-quality products we offer to our customers. These are exciting times for MD international and I think you will get a sense of our passion, expertise, reliability, and innovative nature as you browse through this website.

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Factory : 4th industrial Zone , Block 22 , Borg EL Arab , Alexandria, Egypt P.O.Box: T: 034592323 F: M: E: Commercial@md-masterbatch.com info@md-masterbatch.com
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